Notification as per article 13, Law DLGS 196/03 "Personal Data Protection Code" (Privacy Law)

Fedrigoni S.p.A. (hereafter "Fedrigoni") is fully aware of the need to ensure the privacy of all parties concerned and undertakes to safeguard such privacy by implementing the dispositions of Italian law integrating EEC directives in this regard. Fedrigoni herein describes the way in which company and personal data are collected and used, as well as the procedures and standards that govern their application.

Application of the notification
Privacy notification applies to all types of company and personal data that Fedrigoni possesses and utilises in its operations, including data acquired through the site. Fedrigoni, in some instances, may suggest links to the Web sites of other companies in order to complete its commercial information. This Notification does not include these sites: Fedrigoni therefore invites Internet visitors to review the privacy standards applied by other Companies, especially before providing personal data.

Data source
Fedrigoni acquires the personal data of its contacts directly from the parties concerned and not from Web sites. Such information includes company name, name (when an integral part of the company name of the client), address, telephone number, e-mail address, invoicing information and all data necessary for the successful completion of customary commercial transactions. Fedrigoni allows visitors to its Site to include in their orders information about other individuals or companies (e.g. recipients of goods) if and whenever such information is necessary. Fedrigoni applies the same standards to such further third-party data, as indicated in the following paragraph "Purposes of data collection".

What are cookies
Cookies are small information packages that the Web server sends to the browser in order to retain, when passing between pages, a browser user reference. Fedrigoni only uses session cookies that do not contain personal information.

Purposes of data collection
Data in Fedrigoni's possession are used in order to perform its business activities correctly: preliminary negotiations on the stipulation of a contract; fulfilment of contractual obligations in relationships with the interested party, reciprocal execution of the actions or series of operations required for the fulfilment of contractual obligations; execution c/o public or private authorities of fulfilments connected with or instrumental to the contract; execution of legal requirements. In the stipulation and execution of the contractual relationship, the collection of personal data is also compulsory in order to fulfil legal and fiscal obligations. The refusal to provide such data means that it will be impossible to initiate relationships with our company. Such processing does not require the consent of the interested party, as envisaged in article 24 of Law D.LGS. 196/03. Data may also be used for commercial and marketing purposes: however, confidential data are not used for this purpose. In accordance with the dispositions of law, authorisation for processing may be withdrawn at any time by sending written communication to the area sales office or an e-mail to:

Comunication and distribution
Fedrigoni undertakes not to sell, rent, hire or disclose the personal information in its possession. Companies providing services to Fedrigoni (commercial, management, management of IT systems, insurance, banking and non-banking mediation, factoring, shipment management, mailing, credit management and protection) and for this reason aware of the data contained in Fedrigoni lists are obliged to maintain the confidentiality of all such information and are not authorised to use it for purposes other than those duly notified.

Data processing
Fedrigoni processes personal data with the most appropriate manual, IT and telematic methods to ensure their protection, security and confidentiality in respect of law. On its site, Fedrigoni first and foremost verifies the identity of visitors by means of user codes and passwords before allowing access to personal information. If visitors should find inaccuracies concerning their personal data, they must request correction through the area sales office in writing, by telephone or by e-mail. Fedrigoni undertakes not to use personal data notified as incorrect until such time as this data is updated.

Owner of the data processing system
The owner of the data processing system is Fedrigoni S.p.A. with head offices in Viale Piave 3 - 37135, Verona. The processing managers are:
Alfonsi Gabriele - Sales Manager, Office, school and arts Paper Department
Antoci Sergio - Sales Manager, Paper money division. Supply and Logistic Manager, Bollate division only.
Azzolini Paolo - Quality, environmental, Health and Safety Manager
Bruni Gian luca - Finance and accounting. Customer and Supplier Manager
Mancini Palamoni P.luigi - Manager for Security-related Areas
Medioli Chiara - Marketing Manager
Perbellini Massimo - Logistic Manager
Pietrapiana Eros - HR Manager
Scarpari G.luigi - Sales Manager, Graphic and Special Paper Department
Vantini Vitaliano - Supply Manager
Zorzan Maurizio - Information System Manager
domiciled for this purpose c/o the head offices of the owner.

Update of privacy notification
Fedrigoni constantly up-dates its Privacy Notification and publishes in timely fashion the most recent version on its Web site, so that any and every variation is immediately available to all visitors. However, for more information about your rights, Fedrigoni recommends consultation of the full text of Article 7 of Law D.LGS. 196/03 (Right of access to personal data and other rights).

Fedrigoni always welcomes suggestions, comments and requests from visitors and clients. Interested parties may send an e-mail in this regard to:

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